Residence Saint Francois


Le moulin

Le Moulin

Built more than 200 years ago, this delightful country house overlooks a large terrace from where you can enjoy wonderful views of Punta Pozzo di Borgo and its splendid Château. It is surrounded by a large oak wood and arbutus trees, that offer cool shade in the warm summer months. The house was fully restored taking care to preserve its original architectural features. Today it has been transformed into 3 multi-level apartments. Large French windows set into archways lead onto the living areas which are on the ground floor, while the bedrooms are on the upper floors. The beautiful swimming pool is situated in an excellent westerly position underneath a cistern built to collect water from an ancient underground spring. The apartments can be accessed from the car park just a short distance from the building with a double entrance from both the ground and first floors.

a Torra

A Torra

The ancient lookout tower boasts a breathtaking view over the large Gulf of Ajaccio. It stands in the shadow of an majestic maritime pine and is surrounded by secular olives, and a forest of cork trees that provide shade during the hot summer months. The tower was completely restored and great care was taken to preserve its original architectural features. In the main part of the tower there are two apartments with a ground floor living area and then with the bedrooms on the upper floors. A third apartment stretches across the entire ground floor area that once housed the old tower storage rooms. The well-appointed swimming pool is just a few steps away from the large cistern and the large car park.



On the terrace once planted with orange trees there is now a swimming pool with a magnificent westerly exposure.

Residence Saint Francois

Residence Saint Francois

History and Monuments

The beautiful walk to the Chateau de la Punta

This splendid castle was built in the late nineteenth century by Duke Jerome Pozzo di Borgo with the same stones of the Chateau des Tuileries desired by Caterina de Medici. Registered as a Historical Monument in 1977, the castle stands on a rock spur 600 meters high and can be reached by walking along a beautiful scenic 7 km-long road with beautiful views to the south on the Gulf of Ajaccio and to the north on the west coast of Corsica up to Capo Rosso. The access road to the castle is about 2 km going north along the Route de Alata coming out of San Biaggio. After leaving San Biaggio and heading north, the access road to the castle is about 2 km along the Route de Alata.


The grandiose collection of Cardinal Joseph Fesch - Palais Fesch - Musée des Beaux Arts

The Palais Fesch is located on the boulevard du Roi Jérôme, in the ancient Saint-Roch district of Ajaccio, about 4 km from the Residence. It was built on the orders of Cardinal Joseph Fesch, Napoleon's maternal uncle, to contain his grandiose private collection of more than 16,000 paintings and other works. The collection of Italian paintings from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century, including in particular the Primitives, Roman Baroque painting and Neapolitan Baroque painting, is among the most important in France and second only to the Louvre Museum.


Filitosa - The prehistoric capital of Corsica

This prehistoric site, classified as a Historical Monument and inscribed among the hundred historical sites of common interest to the Mediterranean countries, was found in 1946 by the owner of the area, M Charles-Antoine Cesari, who discovered many menhir statues and remains of ancient buildings. Filitosa is considered one of the most enigmatic cultural sites of Corsica and one of the most beautiful prehistoric art collections in Europe; an 8,000 year window on human history.


The tower of Capo di Feno and the Sanguinaires islands

Capo di Feno closes the great Gulf of Ajaccio to the north, at the end of which stands the Tour de la Parata, a beautiful watchtower offering a sweeping view of the Sanguinaires islands as far as Capo di Moro, the southern end of the Gulf. The tower is within walking distance from the large parking area located at the end of the Route des Sanguinaires, the beautyful scenic road that runs from Ajaccio along the magnificent coast with many small coves and white sandy beaches. The Sanguinaires can be reached by sea from the port of Ajaccio with excursions that allow you to visit the ancient lighthouse, the semaphore and the lazaretto on the main island of Mezu Mare .


Residence Saint Francois

The Sea

La Crique - Plage et Restaurant

Splendid view on the Sanguinaires Islands - Family-run restaurant with its specialties, dishes of the day, fish and grilled meat - Route des Sanguinaires - Tel: 0495/520579
Plage et Paillote du Scudo

Beach and Restaurant - Route des Sanguinaires 20000 Ajaccio - Tel: 0495/712903 - 0624/338261

The splendid beach of Capo di Feno

This splendid beach, located about 16 km from the Residence, is supervised and you can rent pedal boats, canoes and paddles as well as eat at the Paillotes (bungalows) and restaurants right on the beach.


Plage de la Terre Sacrée

This beautiful beach is on the road Sanguinaires near the Tour de la Parata. Right next to the various small white sand coves that follow one another between the brown rocks of granite, is the landmark of the Sacred Earth erected in 1933 to honor the thousands of Corsican deaths for France during the 14-18 war.


La Plage d'Argent

This splendid beach is located near the town of Coti-Chiavari has beautiful white sand with warm water and exceptional views of Ajaccio.

Plage di Lava

The Marina di Lava beach is about 25 minutes from the Residence in a northerly direction going towards Alata and Appietto. The beach is a magnificent stretch of sand about 1 km long, in a beautiful bay that has preserved its wild character. In summer the beach is supervised.  

Residence Saint Francois


Domaine de la Sorba

It is an agricultural estate that has been passed down for more than three centuries within the same family. The vineyards of Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu and Vermentinu have an optimal southern exposure: the windy microclimate coming from Alata and the proximity to the sea allow a gentle ripening of the grapes - Chemin di Prati - locality San Biaggio - Tel: 0495/233826.

A Buttega di Laurine

Food, fruits and vegetables in Corsican specialties from organic farming - Ordering service by phone - Open from 6.30 am to 13.00 pm  and from 16.30 pm to 20.30 pm- Les 7 Ponts Route de Alata 20090 Ajaccio - Tel. 0777/089464- Web: www.abuttegadilaurine.fr 

Boulangerie Les 7 Ponts

Bakery, pastry and sorbets with Corsican specialties, ready meals and take-away sandwiches - Open from 6h00 to 20h00 - Les 7 Ponts Route de Alata 20090 Ajaccio - Tel. 0495/212640

Restaurant L' Auberge

Grilled meat specialties - Les 7 Ponts Route de Alata 20090 Ajaccio - Tel: 0495/229589

La Crique - Plage et Restaurant

Splendid view of Sanguinaires Islands - A family-run restaurant with its specialties, dishes of the day, grill fish and meat - Route des Sanguinaires - Tel: 0495/520579

Restaurant Lajaxio

Restaurant with a splendid terrace on the Gulf of Ajaccio - boulevard Nicéphore-Sephanopoli-de-Comnene 20000 Ajaccio - Tel: 0495/500522; https://www.facebook.com/lajaxioresto/?locale=fr_FR

Le Belvédere de Cotí

Located 500m above sea level, in the town of Coti-Chiavari, 45 km from the Residence, the restaurant offers a unique panorama over the entire Gulf of Ajaccio. The cuisine is with fresh local products.


Restaurant Chez Pech

On the edge of the beach of Barbicaja on the Sanguinaires Road, the restaurant offers a unique menu with fish specialties and enjoys a sweeping view of the Gulf of Ajaccio.


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